Our Market Focus

We focus exclusively on the cloud business application
sector and help entrepreneurs build global,
category-leading companies.

Our hands on operating, go-to-market and investing experience within this market gives us the ability to evaluate, invest in, and help early-stage companies – before product or market traction.


Cloud Business Application Markets & Models


Enterprise Market

Small Business Market

Cloud Model
SaaS Model
SaaS Model
Freemium Model

A model mistake is a strategy mistake. Knowing which model is best and how to execute in your market
is a billion dollar question. This is where Cloud Apps Capital Partners excels.

New cloud funding model

The financial model for today’s new cloud business app companies looks dramatically different from fifteen years ago when cloud business apps first hit the market. Lower up-front technology costs and greater distribution options reduce the amount new companies need. But it’s still critical to get the right foundation in place; for early stage cloud business application companies this starts with the Classic Series A.

Classic Series A

$2-10 M

is the right amount to hire key executives, demonstrate customer success and define your CAC model.

Operating + investment experience is critical at this stage.

Classic Series B

$10-15 M

goes toward hiring more executives and team members and scaling your customer acquisition and success model.

Operating + investment experience is important at this stage.

Classic Series C

$30 M

enables you to invest in large enterprise customer acquisition and success – globally.

Operating + investment experience is nice to have at this stage.

Market-focused Classic Series A

The venture market today is not optimized for early-stage cloud business application companies. Seed investors can’t provide long-term financial or board-level support and traditional venture firms require visible traction prior to investing. That’s why we exist.

Cloud Apps Capital leads Classic Series A financings of $2 - $10 million and provides full board support. Our approach gives entrepreneurs the right amount of funding, along with operational guidance, to build global, category-leading companies.

Classic Series A

Our Classic Series A accelerates and maximizes business potential during the critical
early stage of a cloud business application company.

The best way to reach us is through an introduction from our network,
however entrepreneurs may also reach us at Pitches@CloudAppsCapitalPartners.com